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The delicious real coffee and 25 g of protein from 90% CFM isolate in every dose!

CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 is excellent helper for stimulation, for muscle mass building and muscle mass maintaining!

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Everybody likes excellent coffee. And we athletes love also proteins. If you are on cutting diet your choice of foods and drinks that you can enjoy is very restricted. You usually drink even a few coffees daily during the hard weeks before contest whey you suffer from dull diet.

Extrifit® prepared for you combination of delicious real coffee and the most quality 90% whey protein CFM isolate with 5452 mg of BCAA content!

CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 is excellent helper for stimulation, for muscle mass building and muscle mass maintaining!

This drink is great at its awesome nutritional values!

Every dose of the CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 contains:

  • Protein: 25 g
  • Carbs: 0 g
  • Fat: 0 g

Coffee with 2% of natural caffeine content: 3,13 g (product contains 10%! of coffee)

 Natural caffeine from coffee: 62,6 mg

Added caffeine: 37,4 mg

Caffeine total: 100 mg

BCAA: 5452 mg!

Amino acids: 24474 mg

CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 contains 100% coffee + 90% protein isolate CFM + caffeine + very small amount of sweetener! And that is all! No additives, no flavors, nothing what could mean more undesirable fat or sugar.

We chose exceptionally quality 90% whey isolate CFM with very high content of BCAA and top digestibility as protein part of CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90!

We considered particularly thoroughly choice of quality instant coffee with 2% of natural caffeine content and delicious taste.

Coffee is contained in the product CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 in very high amount – 10%!

Coffee contains natural caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that works as energizer. It stimulates central nervous system because of you are better prepared for as well as mental as physical performance. But regular coffee does not contain so much caffeine that is necessary for significant stimulation in advanced athletes or bodybuilders. That is why we added to coffee contained in CAFEE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 the right dose of added caffeine that its total content in every dose is 100 mg.

We absolutely reveal composition of CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 down to the smallest detail. We have nothing to hide and you exactly know what you drink. It is very important in diet when you count every gram of food.


  • Is exceptionally suitable first drink of the day
  • Wakes you up and supplies your body with 25 g of absolutely pure and best digestible protein from 90% whey isolate CFM
  • Is ideal stimulating protein whenever during the day
  • Is unbelievably delicious foamed coffee and protein drink!
  • No sugar!
  • No fat!

You will love CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90. It is real delicacy with foamy consistency and taste of coffee frappé. And absolutely diet and full of protein and BCAA at the same time!

The preparation of drink is exceptionally easy. Pour the content of packet into 200 ml of water and shake. The longer you shake it, the thicker foam you create. The preparation takes only few seconds. We recommend shaking the drink with few cubes of ice for perfect refreshment for example in hot summer days.

There is no need more to describe… Taste it and you will see.

Brilliant drink without sugar and fat, with 100 mg of caffeine, with excellent real coffee and 25 grams of protein!

We prepared the product CAFFÉ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90 in disposable packets for you – for exact dosage.

The advantage of disposable packets is hygienic package and also the possibility to take the needed number of packets with you if you are on trip.

Use it approximately one hour before your workout on training day (if you drink it on empty stomach so 30 min because kick-in is faster in this case). You can use it also on non-training days for fat burning and elimination of fatigue if you are in cutting phase of training. Use it in the morning or before noon, alternatively in the early afternoon in this case. Keep in mind that if used in the evening stimulating effect of caffeine could disturb your sleep.


Mix content of packet with 200 ml of cold water, ideally with a few ice cubes. Intended for direct consumption.

How to use:

Daily dose = 1 packet 60 min before workout or in the morning (alternatively before noon, never if bedtime is coming).


instant 90% whey protein isolate CFM, instant coffee with 2% of natural caffeine (coffee makes up 10% of product´s content), caffeine anhydrous

Other ingredients: sucralose (sweetener), soy lecithin (emulsifier)

Content of 1 packet:

31,3 g = 1 dose

up nutritional value