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This regarding its taste excellent whey protein with fully 10%! of real coffee and 100 mg of caffeine content is perfect sport drink that supplies your body with 20 g of protein in every dose and moreover you enjoy really delicious foamed coffee with stimulating effect. The drink CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN is optimum morning dose of protein and this shake concurrently can pleasantly wake you up and refresh. Simply ideal start of the new day.

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This drink contains 3 main ingredients:

  • 80% whey protein
  • Real coffee
  • Caffeine.

CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN is excellent helper for stimulation and for muscle mass building!

If you are lover of delicious coffee and athlete at the same time so CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN is the right for you!

We chose exceptionally quality 80% whey concentrate with creamy consistency, very high content of BCAA and top digestibility as protein part of CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN!

We considered particularly thoroughly choice of quality instant coffee with 2% of natural caffeine content and delicious taste.

Coffee contains natural caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that works as energizer. It stimulates central nervous system because of you are better prepared for as well as mental as physical performance. But regular coffee does not contain so much caffeine that is necessary for significant stimulation in advanced athletes or bodybuilders. That is why we added to coffee contained in CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN the right dose of added caffeine that its total content in every dose is 100 mg.

Every dose of the product CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN contains:

  • 20 g of protein
  • 100 mg of caffeine
  • 19773 mg of amino acids
  • 4202 mg of BCAA.

One dose of CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN in every packet contains minimum of carbs and insignificant amount of fat (1,7 g) and absolutely no added sugar.

We prepared the product CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN in disposable packets for you – for exact dosage.

The advantage of disposable packets is hygienic package and also the possibility to take the needed number of packets with you if you are on trip.

The preparation of drink is exceptionally easy. Pour the content of packet into 200 ml of water and shake. The longer you shake it, the thicker foam you create. The preparation takes only few seconds. CAFFÉ LATTE PROTEIN is more delicious with few cubes of ice.

This drink is distinguished by foamed consistency and exclusive taste of real caffé latte. Every dose contains fully 20 g of protein.

Use it approximately one hour before your workout on training day (if you drink it on empty stomach so 30 min because kick-in is faster in this case). You can use it also on non-training days for fat burning and elimination of fatigue if you are in cutting phase of training. Use it in the morning or before noon in this case. If you would use it in the afternoon or in the evening the strong stimulating effect of caffeine could disturb your sleep. If you are advanced athlete or you prepare for bodybuilding or fitness contest we recommend for usage during cutting diet our product CAFFÉ ISOLATE PROTEIN.


Mix content of packet with 200 ml of cold water, ideally with a few ice cubes. Intended for direct consumption.

How to use:

Daily dose = 1 packet 60 min before workout or in the morning on an empty stomach (or before noon, never if bedtime is coming).


instant 80% whey protein concentrate, instant coffee with 2% of natural caffeine (coffee makes up 10% of product´s content), caffeine anhydrous

Other ingredients: dried non-fat milk, aroma, sucralose (sweetener), soy lecithin (emulsifier)

Content of 1 packet:

31 g