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Beef Amino Hydro contains branded hydrolyzed beef protein – isolate HydroBEEF®(hydrolyzed beef peptides). This is unique raw ingredient containing minimally 97 % of protein. Its intake can supports muscle mass growth and prevents from muscle catabolism in danger of that (f.e. during hard training or weight loss program). Each tablet contains 2000 mg of beef protein HydroBEEF® and minimum of fillers.

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Intake of Beef Amino Hydro can support muscle mass growth and prevent from muscle catabolism in danger of that.

Beef Amino Hydro is other from the new product line of Extrifit company. We paid extra attention to design of our new products containing beef protein that are very trendy in sports nutrition during the last years. This kind of product is Beef Amino Hydro too. Modern production technology allows manufacturing of beef protein into sports supplements with maintaning of all advantages of natural beef protein (firstly amino acid profile very effective for strength sports including bodybuilding).

Beef Amino Hydro is suitable for athletes who want to support muscle mass growth and its maintaning during hard training or other situations (f.e. weight loss program) when it is in danger of catabolism. Beef Amino Hydro is a product made from branded raw ingredient HydroBEEF® (hydrolyzed beef peptides). This is hydrolyzed beef protein – isolate containing minimally 97 % of protein – and almost no fat and sugar! Beef protein is hydrolyzed and ultrafiltered. The protein is broken down in a process of hydrolysis so finalproduct has better digestibility and absorption. About 15 % of HydroBEEF® peptidesis of molecular weight 6000 Da, 55 % 3000 Da and 30 % 500 Da and less that are very short peptides (highly valued in sports nutrition) with extremely good absorption and utilization.

The most advanced production technology: we used absolutelly new technology for this product´s manufacturing so we managed that two tablets of Beef Amino Hydro contain 4000 mg of pure beef protein and minimum of fillers – 10x less than other similar products. Nevertheless our Beef Amino Hydro tablets are much smaller and easy to swallow. The most important advantage of this method is not consuming so high amount of poorly digestible fillers that can cause impaired digestion. Beef Amino Hydro supply muscles with top-class clear protein of hydrolyzed beef isolate.

Suggested use:

  • 4x 3 tablets daily, ideally between meals, before and after workout and before bed-time.
  • Take with plenty of water.


97% beef hydrolyzed isolate HydroBEEF® (makes 100% of product´s protein content), silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate (anticaking agents).

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