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Super Hydro 80 DH32 contains enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate with the highest possible degree of hydrolysis DH 32 (contains 80,5 % of amino acids). The highest possible content of valued protein natural fractions is maintained in this hydrolyzed protein (DH 32). Super Hydro 80 DH32 contains sweetener from Stevia plant. Enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein is the best protein source that You can get today! This is „pre-digested“ protein with excellent digestibility and fast absorption.

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Hydro 80 DH32 is distinguished by high content of short peptides in comparison to other protein products (average molecular mass is 1,6 Daltons) so You can consume it after the training or even before it. Intake of this high quality protein can increase muscle mass growth and prevent from muscle catabolism in danger of that. We offer this product in chocolate flavor with typical bitter taste of whey hydrolyzate DH32. Dietary supplement – for healthy, physically active adults.


  • depends on physical activity, sports activity and diet
  • we recommend dividing the daily dose (2-6 scoops) into two or three portions
  • this product contains short peptides with fast utilization because of we recommend to consume it after the training, before that or in the morning
  • mix 1 scoop (30 g) with 150-200 ml of water


enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein with degree of hydrolysis DH 32 – makes 100 % of HYDRO DH 32´s protein content (protein fraction composition: Beta-Lactoglobulin 4%, Alpha-Lactalbumin 9%, Immunoglobulins 1%, Bovine Serum Albumin 4%, whey protein fraction of molar weight 500 – 1000 Da 17%, whey protein fraction of molar weight <500 KDa 65%)

Other ingredients: non-fat cacao, flavor, Stevia (natural sweetener), sucralose (sweetener)


This product is dietary supplement intended for healthy, physically active adults.