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Our older product Professional WPC 80 has the new package, new better composition and new name now! Why is the new CFM Instant Whey 80 better than its popular forerunner? It is of more creamy and perfect consistency and it is available in 7 excellent and innovated flavors. We offer the new flavor cookies too and we believe You will love it! Fruit flavors contain also ground dried 100 % fruit pieces. Every of these flavors contains 7 digestive enzymes and sweetener from Stevia plant, is without any chemical colorants and with guarantee of100% CFM instant whey concentrate with the highest quality coming from EU countries content. Final product is fully instant (easy to mix), absolutely dust-free, with perfect digestibility and absorption. Moreover it is packaged in the new practical box!

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Product Description

  • 25 g protein entirely of whey WPC 80
  • more than 5,000 mg of BCAA in each bag
  • protein pellets from whey isolate 90% and 100% rice
  • 45-50 grams of complex carbohydrates highest quality in every bag
  • 90 g serving – that’s a decent meal, a great breakfast or brunch
  • complex polysaccharides in the following proportions: 75% + 20% rice oat flakes + 5% wheat flakes
  • Preparation 1-2 minutes, excellent taste and appearance!
  • no cooking, just cold water (for better taste, try the acid or nonfat milk)
  • negligible amounts of sugar and fat
  • 100% freeze-dried fruit – a really big chunks of mango, strawberry, pineapple, and even whole blueberries
  • excellent 100% genuine and coconut shavings of high-quality chocolate with almost no sugar, low fat massive amounts of real cocoa in chocolate flavor

Full-fledged high-protein meal (25 grams of protein in one serving) Protein Break! It is designed to prepare the perfect breakfast or snack with complex nutritional composition and optimal representation of nutrients.

This product is sporty and functional diet totally unique and unique. Combination of whey protein concentrate 80%, chia seeds, oatmeal and rice is a full meal with a perfect representation of highest quality digestible protein and carbohydrates. These basic ingredients are enriched with addition of inulin from chicory root – fiber with prebiotic effect.

You longed for a product that you could be anywhere at all times and at the moment it would be able to prepare delicious food with such amazing nutritional value? Then the protein Break! right for you. Each serving contains 25 g of whole whey protein and more than 5000 mg BCAA!

Advantages of disposable bags:

  • each serving with you can put in different flavors
  • you need not spend for any large and expensive boxes
  • excellent for traveling – you throw in a couple of bags of bags in various flavors
  • just buy as many bags as you want, and literally a few bucks
  • No flavor you do not want
  • empty the contents of the bag into the water, stir – done – you can eat

Preparation Protein Break is easy and convenient: just pour water, milk or the acid into a container, empty the contents of the bag, stir with a fork and give a nice pudding matter that you are well fills up. You’ll be surprised, given porridge. Large chunks of the freeze-dried fruit, tiny chia seeds, rice flakes, crunchy balls of whey protein isolate 90%, oat and wheat Krupinka … no stretch to say that she and eyes. Loose and ready porridge looks really nice.

The uniqueness of the product lies and that has really great taste and also the amazing nutritional value. You know it – either have similar products excellent nutritional properties, but much to them nepochutnáte or have good taste, but contain plenty of unwanted additives which reduce their nutritional value. Our product is associated with the great taste of great nutritional qualities! We used because the raw materials in their most natural form and no unnecessary additives! Product fruit flavors – blueberry, strawberry and mango – are great fruity taste due to the content of large amounts of fruits lyophilized (vacuum frozen fruit, keeping all vitamins, natural flavor and color). Chocolate flavor contains real pieces of quality chocolate and coconut flavor true nature grated coconut.

  • Rice is in addition to wheat and rye, one of the most important cereal. It contains small amounts of protein (but with a high quality spectrum of amino acids) and is primarily a source of polysaccharides, which is in sports and bodybuilding particularly very popular. It has an excellent digestibility and contains no fat or gluten, tradition has its good effect on bowel function for various digestive problems and intestinal diseases due to the content of secreting substances.
  • Oats , mostly in the form of oatmeal is functional and sports nutrition has been the traditional material for its excellent nutritional properties. It has all the cereals the highest protein content, is a source of quality carbohydrates and is also rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is recommended even during states of exhaustion and fatigue due to high content of B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium and other valuable substances complex supports the regeneration and has a positive effect on the function of the nervous system.
  • Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica seeds) in recent years in nutrition big hit, thanks to their great nutritional value. They are a source of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They hydrophilic properties – can also bind large amounts of water, so improving hydration and also regulate the digestion of nutrients, including sugars, thus helping to prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The fat content of chia semíncích are particularly omega-3 fatty acids that have a number of known positive health effects.
  • Inulin (dietary fiber) is a storage substance, which occurs in many plants. Inulin is mostly obtained from chicory roots and is used as a fine white powder. Among the so-called. Indigestible oligosaccharides, so it has no caloric content. When digestion passes into the colon where it becomes a source of nutrient for intestinal bacterial flora s, which is not only for proper bowel function is very important. Recently inulin in nutrition and is a big hit ingredient of a variety of functional foods.

You no longer have to invent any special protein foods bother with cooking and stay intricate preparing nutritionally balanced meals. Now you have protein Break !, taste and nutritionally balanced prepared meal in many flavors. Just empty the bag into a bowl, stir and immediately you can eat. In each bag have carefully measured protein (25 g) and complex carbohydrates (50 g).

Recommended dosage:

  • Protein Break! We should be consumed once a day as breakfast or snack
  • the contents of the bag (90 g) dilute in 200 ml of water or skim milk and mix
  • intended for immediate consumption