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MINOGEL® is the world novelty on the market by Extrifit®! This is the unique amino acid product that contains very strong dose 11 030 mg of exclusively free amino acids in one packet with tasty gel! Gel form can provide you ideal digestibility and absorption and also ideally balanced ratio of free amino acids for maximum anabolic, recovery and anticatabolic effect. No fillers as in tablets, no compressed protein powder – this product contains only free amino acids in gel form in the highest quality and in four excellent flavours.

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Effect of amino acids in AminoFree & Peptide si enhanced with peptides. AminoFree & Peptides contains patent pending peptides of amino acids leucine, valine and izoleucine (BCAA) and glutamine and arginine peptides. These peptides are essential for recovery and muscle mass building and are typical with better stability, digestibility and absorption in comparison with standard amino acids.

Why is this Extrifit® product better than conventional amino acid products?

  • free form amino acids and peptides mixture is much more effective than only amino acids blend in many products
  • powdery form is very practical – you can dose it according to your needs and your drink is ready everywhere during a moment
  • amino acids in this form are excellently digestible and utilizable
  • this product does not contain any fillers as tablets.

Moreover AminoFree has more advantages:

  • thanks to minimum sugars and fat content it is suitable also for persons trying to minimize their body fat
  • this product contains only natural colorants, so no useless chemistry!
  • it has excellent taste and we offer it in 9 flavours!

Who is this product intended for?

  • for athletes of strength sports disciplines because of its anticatabolic effect – if you want to reach your best strength performance this product will protect your muscles during intensive training against catabolism and will support your recovery after performance
  • for everybody who is trying to reach maximum muscle growth – amino acids and peptides mixture has anticatabolic effect
  • for persons trying to maintain their muscle mass and cut at the same time – as well as bodybuilders before contest as fitness exercisers
  • for all athletes of strength-endurance disciplines as ice hockey, MMA, box and others are – it supports recovery after hard sports performance.


Depends on body weight, sports activity and diet. Possibility of usage: 1-3 scoops before your workout or after that.


Mix 1-3 scoops with 100-300 ml of water.

INGREDIENTS (IN DESCENDING ORDER): L-leucine*, L-glutamine*, peptides of amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine PepForm® – BCAA 2:1:1 Peptides, beta-alanine*, L-glycine*, L-alanine*, peptides of amino acid L-glutamine PepForm® – Glutamine Peptides, peptides of amino acid L-arginine PepForm® – Arginine Peptides, potassium citrate, L-citrulline DL-malate*, L-arginine base*, L-tyrosine*, L-phenylalanine*, L-threonine*, trimagnesium citrate, L-lysine HCl,* L-valine*, L-isoleucine*, L-histidine*, L-ornithine HCl,* L-methionine*, L-tryptophan*, pyridoxine HCl.

OTHER INGREDIENTS (IN DESCENDING ORDER): citric acid (acidity regulator), flavour, beta-carotene (natural colorant) for flavors: mango, tropical, peach, orange; red beetroot extract (natural colorant) for flavors: mango, watermelon, peach, raspberry; chlorophyll (natural colorant) for flavors: mojito, apple, kiwi; silicon dioxide and E 900 (anticaking agents), sucralose (sweetener).