Vojta Koritenský

Name: Vojtěch Koritenský
Date of birth: 28.10.1983
When are You training since: 1998
Why did You begin to train: desire to be huge (I always was small and slim)
Favourite exercise: back with T-bar
Top 5 supplements: BCAA Instant 2:1:1, Super Hydro 80 DH32, Go Pro 30, Hellgell, CFM INSTANT WHEY 80
Top 5 sports results:
1st place on Olympia amateur Europe 2014
4th place on Mozolani Classic Pro 2015
1st place on the DALLAS PRO 2016 (qualified for Mr. Olympia)
16th place on the Mr. Olympia 2016
5th place on Charlotte Pro Contest