Norbert Zajac

Name: Norbert Zajac
Date of birth: 14. 06. 1990
When are you training since: 2004
Why did you begin to train: I wanted to reduce my weight, to have ripped abs and to be more attractive for women
Favourite exercise: deadlift
Top 5 supplements: BCAA Instant 2:1:1, HYDRO ISOLATE 90, AGREZZ®, Gluta Pure, FLEXAIN®
Top 5 sports results:
4th place on European Championship IFBB 2015
Winner of IFBB DIAMOND CUP 2016
Vice champion of AMATEUR OLYMPIA 2016
5th place on Diamond Cup Portugal up to 90 kg 2017
5th place on Diamond Cup Ostrava up to 90 kg 2017