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    V 52 is a professional multivitamin and multimineral formula containing 52 active substances, specially designed for people with high physical and psychic strain and for performance athletes and fitness goers. It contains except vitamins and minerals some other active ingredients as adaptogens, enzymes and probiotics, that´s all in doses that are...

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    FLEXAIN® is absolutely innovative, exceptionally strong and highly functional joint product by Extrifit® Company! 10 litres of delicious joint drink that you will want to drink unceasingly! On your request we decided to develop absolutely new and complex product intended for joint nutrition and protection.

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    Carni Liquid 120000 mg contains very high dose of L-carnitine base (120 g in one bottle, 1200 mg in 10 ml). L-carnitine is a substance that is tradicionally used by many athletes of all sports disciplines especially for weigth reduction. L-carnitine is very effective energizer because it improves fat utilization (itis fat transporter over membrane of...

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  • £ 34.99 In Stock

    Hellgel ® is a product from the line of NO stimulants that are recently very popular among strength athletes. This product was tested by bodybuilders from Extrifit Team: Petr Března (Czech Republic Champion, 2nd place on Arnold Classic), Slavoj Bednář (double Champion of Austria) and Vojtěch Koritenský (tripple Champion of the Czech republic and double...

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    Our older product Professional WPC 80 has the new package, new better composition and new name now! Why is the new CFM Instant Whey 80 better than its popular forerunner? It is of more creamy and perfect consistency and it is available in 7 excellent and innovated flavors. We offer the new flavor cookies too and we believe You will love it! Fruit flavors...

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  • £ 46.62 In Stock

    HIGH WHEY 80 is totally new product by EXTRIFIT company! We are specialized in proteins and gainers. We permanently try to upgrade their recipes and to use better and modern ingredients. HIGH WHEY 80 is top100% CFM whey protein concentrate and CFM whey protein isolate for muscle mass growth!

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  • £ 27.61 In Stock

    hermogel® is a unique complex thermogenic fat burner from Extrifitu®, ready for immediate consumption in the nine great flavors thanks to an innovative gel form product! It is designed for all athletes who seek maximum shaping and forming of a hypodermic fat reduction, thanks to its content of thermogenic agents (eg. Synephrine, green tea extract and...

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  • £ 27.97 In Stock

    AminoFree & Peptides is absolute novelty by Extrifit®! We want always offer you products corresponding with the latest trend and the latest findings of sports nutrition science and AminoFree is exactly such a product. It contains free form amino acids and patent pending peptides. This blend is enriched with vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and minerals...

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    BCAA INSTANT EXTRIFIT® is only one really pure BCAA without any other ingredients! BCAA INSTANT EXTRIFIT® contains exclusively BCAA! If you want crystalline BCCA they are here! The excellent drink in nine flavours containing exclusively uncompromising BCAA (L-Leucine, L- Isoleucine, L-Valine). We do not add any second-rate cheap ingredients and no sugars...

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  • £ 36.19 In Stock

    Whey protein 90% isolate!Milk protein 90% isolate!Whey protein 80% concentrate! Yes! Believe or not – these 3 sources above are exclusive (one and only!) protein ingredients of the new deluxe and REALLY PROTEIN bars EXXE® by Extrifit®.Read the label: this is unique! Every protein bar EXXE® by Extrifit® contains 20 grams of the best proteins!And how much...

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    Vita C Time Release contains vitamin C that has many important functions in human body. The athletes appreciate mainly that it contributes to maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise. Daily dose minimally 200 mg contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, to normal energy-yielding...

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    Actinox®Nitro Peptidesis a product intended forpersons trying to increase muscle mass. The main ingredient of Actinox®Nitro Peptides is patent pending ActiNOS® (selective nitro peptides and fractions of modified partly hydrolyzed whey isolate). Actinox®Nitro Peptidesis whole day stimulant of NO (nitric oxide) production. It increases muscle pump and blood...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items