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    CFM Instant Whey 80 is an advanced, more advanced and more advanced successor to the highly successful Professional WPC 80 protein. The new CFM Instant Whey 80 protein is again the highest-quality raw material available, namely whey protein concentrate CFM. It is an instant (easily soluble) protein obtained from whey using the most modern method of...

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    Extrifit offers You in its new product line another innovated product. It so much innovated that we can say it is rather a new product!We innovated our older Hydro Instant: it has better composition, better consistency and better taste and its name is Hydro 77 DH12 now. Instead of one flavor we bring You four flavors of Hydro 77 DH12 now and all of them...

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    Our older product Professional WPC 80 has the new package, new better composition and new name now! Why is the new CFM Instant Whey 80 better than its popular forerunner? It is of more creamy and perfect consistency and it is available in 7 excellent and innovated flavors. We offer the new flavor cookies too and we believe You will love it! Fruit flavors...

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    Micelar Casein contains micelar casein with sweetener from Stevia plant and seven added digestive enzymes for perfect utilization of protein. Micelar Casein is high-quality protein source with long-time amino acids release. It is fit for consumption when You can not eat for longer time, f.e. at school, during exams, on the go and first of all before bedtime.

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    PeptiBeef ® is hydrolyzed beef protein – patent pending isolate HYDROBEEF® (hydrolyzed beef peptides) that contains protein of beef meat (approx. 25%) and protein of beef bones (approx. 75%). This product has the highest content of protein coming from beef meat between the similar products on the market.This protein is hydrolyzed, it means that its...

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    Extrifit offers You innovation of one of its best and on the market most successful products – Long 80 – 7 hours is Long ® 80 Multiprotein now. Why is Long ® 80 Multiprotein better? We innovated its composition: ratio of used protein sources (main is content of enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein with the highest degree of hydrolysis DH 32 and high...

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    Hydro Isolate 90 is totally unique predigested protein isolate 90% with zero sugar and fat content. No thickeners, no colorants! Only hydrolysed isolate 90%! Instant (easy to mix) enzymatically hydrolysed 90% whey protein with degree of hydrolysis DH 8 that contains 90 -94 g (depends on the flavour) of extremely fast usable amino acids in every 100 g of...

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    HIGH WHEY 80 is totally new product by EXTRIFIT company! We are specialized in proteins and gainers. We permanently try to upgrade their recipes and to use better and modern ingredients. HIGH WHEY 80 is top100% CFM whey protein concentrate and CFM whey protein isolate for muscle mass growth!

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    Super Hydro 80 DH32 contains enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate with the highest possible degree of hydrolysis DH 32 (contains 80,5 % of amino acids). The highest possible content of valued protein natural fractions is maintained in this hydrolyzed protein (DH 32). Super Hydro 80 DH32 contains sweetener from Stevia plant. Enzymatically...

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    Extrifit® Vegan 80 – protein isolate from exclusively plant sources! It does not contain lactose! An excellent alternative to whey and milk proteins. This top-quality plant isolate has perfect parameters. Unlike other plant proteins you've encountered, Extrifit® Vegan 80 has a protein content of up to 75% and a BCAA content of up to 5,000 mg in a single...

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    Extrifit´s ISO 90 is the top-selling 90% protein on the Czech market for the long time. We innovated its composition now! Its foundation is still top protein source 90% whey CFM isolate without sugar and fat. Itis instant (easy to mix) 90% protein isolate derived from whey by the most advanced and most gentle manufacturing process – microfiltration CFM...

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